Tips for Interior Cleaning & Restoring Color to Carpet & Upholstery in Palm City, FL RV’s

Summer is over and many toys will soon be put away in storage for the season. Other toys like RV’s are used year round. Now in the change of seasons is a great time to clean the carpet and upholstery so it will be ready for your cooler weather adventures. With that in mind, we at Custom Carpet Cleaning Ltd would like to share tips on how you can keep the carpets and upholstery in your recreational vehicle clean and fresh.

How to Clean the Carpet & Upholstery in an RV

1) Carpet Cleaning: Start with vacuuming. Remove any dirt, soil, and debris from the surface as efficiently as possible. Be sure the vacuum is of good quality and properly maintained to get the filth that has settled after off-season storage. If the carpets are especially soiled, use a high-power shop vac to extract the debris first. Be sure to get the center, edges, corners, and under furniture, followed by a regular vacuum cleaning.
2) Removing Carpet Stains. After the carpets have been completely vacuumed, assess the spots and stains. If the stains are minimal and not a challenge to remove, you can start by mixing equal parts of warm water and white vinegar in a squirt bottle. Apply the mixture moderately and pat up the stain with a clean, dry, white cloth.
– If the stains are deep and are originate from oil, grease, or other such substances, they will require more power. If you have access to a hot water extractor machine, that will make quick work of the task. Oil and grease spots are not at all easy to remove. One cup warm water and ¼ cup mild dish soap mixed together in a squirt bottle can assist. Apply generously to the spot and allow it to set for 5-10 minutes. With a hot water extractor, remove the stain. If you do not have access to a hot water extractor, blot the stain with a warm dampened cloth. Another method for grease, tar, or oil stains include obtaining a citrus solvent. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions according to the label.
– Coffee, tea, blood, urine, and pet stains are often spots that need removing, and if you do not want to use the vinegar mixture, get an oxygenized cleaner or a cleanser that includes enzymes.
– Red drinks like Kool-Aid and wine need a solution that includes 5% sodium thiosulfate solution (found at photography stores).
– Rust is another difficult to remove stain found in RV’s, boats, and other such toys. Rust spotter can work well but great care needs to be followed as it could cause damage if not treated correctly.
3) Upholstery Cleaning. The upholstery is not that much different than that you find in your vehicle. Using an automobile’s fabric upholstery cleaner can get the spots out fairly easily. Be sure to vacuum first to remove the dirt, dust, and debris before tending to the spots. Leather, vinyl, suede can be cleaned with leather cleaning products. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions.

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Always perform a patch test in an inconspicuous are to ensure the cleaner, whether it is a homemade concoction or store bought product, to ensure it does not compromise the color or integrity of the carpet and/or upholstery. If the carpets in your RV are not the color you want, whether due to sun fading, damage, or you would just like to try a different color, we can help. Custom Carpet Cleaning Ltd offers expert RV carpet dyeing services. Contact us for all your cleaning and restoration needs.