Relief for Allergy Sufferers in Fort Pierce FL; Carpet Cleaning Removes Dust, Allergens, Pet Dander & Contaminants

During spring, seasonal allergy symptoms tend to flare up, leaving your loved ones that suffer from allergies feeling miserable. Many people try to avoid the outside as much as possible and try to take refuge in their homes. What they often don’t realize is that dirty carpet and upholstery can be a major cause of allergies and respiratory problems. Carpet acts as a filter that captures dust, pollutants and allergens but when these contaminants aren’t removed, they stay in your home. When people or pets walk on the carpet, they stir up these allergens and exacerbate breathing problems.

Best Carpet Cleaning for Allergies

Dust and pollutants are blown and tracked into your home every day. These allergens can have many adverse effects like coughing, sneezing, sniffling and itchy or watery eyes. The good news there is a simple solution much better than tearing all of the carpet out of your home! Professional steam carpet cleaning can remove up to 98% of all contaminants in your carpet and therefore alleviate allergy symptoms in your home!

Understand Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning

When you call Custom Carpet Cleaning Ltd for expert steam carpet cleaning services, we utilize a powerful truck mounted hot water extraction system that heats the water and cleaning solution beyond boiling. This melts away oil, grease and other soils in your carpet without leaving residues behind! Our carpet cleaning machines use lots of agitation and a strong vacuum that thoroughly rinses and removes all contaminants and solutions. This is to ensure stains don’t reappear and it also helps your carpet dry faster and stay clean for longer!

Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

When you call Custom Carpet Cleaning Ltd to your home or business, we begin our carpet cleaning services by utilizing a pre-spray treatment to break up and loosen stains, dirt, oil, grease and other soils. Next we begin our hot water extraction process where we rinse and remove the allergens and contaminants trapped in your carpet. We leave you with healthy, clean carpet that allows your whole family to breathe easy. If you are interested in protecting your carpet from future spots and stains, we also offer a carpet protector service that will help repel spills and accidents rather than absorb them, resulting in undesirable odors.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

The solution to healthy, allergen-free carpet is routine, effective cleaning. As long as your carpets are being professionally cleaned on a regular basis, they can help keep allergens locked inside until they are removed by our powerful cleaning equipment. With routine professional cleaning carpet cleaning, you will notice a dramatic difference in your loved one’s allergy symptoms while they are in your home!

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