How to Dye Car, RV & Boat Carpet in Stuart, FL; Clean, Auto Color Restorer, Dyeing & More

For those who may have an RV, boat, or other automobile, you may find the carpet has faded. Now you want to revitalize the carpet, can you do it? Yes, you can dye faded or dirty carpet in automobile or recreational vehicles. For the best results, professional services are highly recommended. However, if you wish to do your own carpet dyeing, Custom Carpet Cleaning will share how to dye recreational and other automobile carpets.

Clean Auto Carpet Before Dyeing

Before you dye the carpet in the vehicle, you will want to thoroughly clean the inside and the carpets. You don’t want hair or dirt interfering with the dye. Recreational and other automobiles use a variety of carpet types and some can be difficult to clean. Clean the carpet as best as you can. After vacuuming you will also want to shampoo and have the carpet cleaned to remove every particle of dirt. This helps the dye adhere to the carpet fibers better.

Auto Carpet Dye Color Restorer

When dyeing the carpet in the vehicle, you can either recolor the carpet the same color or dye it a darker color. There are many different types of carpet dyes that are used for automobile carpets. Application directions can vary depending on the type of dye you use. However, most are very similar. Making the dye even is one of the hardest parts of carpet dying. Apply too much or too little and it will show. Applying multiple coats often is needed to help blend the dye in and to make the color look even. Most automobile carpet dyes come in a spray can or a mixture that you mix together and apply in a spray bottle.

How to Dye Car Carpet

When applying the dye make the first coat light and cover most of the carpet. Spray small sections at a time and use a brush to help spread and work the dye into the carpet. After you have covered the entire carpet, repeat using the same method. Add more dye to the sections that are lighter or thinner and once again work the dye in and around with a brush. Make sure to wait 5 to 10 minutes in between each coat to allow the dye some time to dry. Repeat applying the dye. Add a light coat each time until the dye is even. Don’t be surprised if you need to use two to three coats of dye for the colors to look even. Once you finish applying the last coat, allow the dye 10 minutes to dry and then vacuum the carpet once again. Often the carpet fibers get stuck together. Vacuuming and brushing the carpet will help separate the carpet fibers.

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Dyeing your RV, boat, or other recreational vehicle’s carpet is a great and simple way to help revive the interior of the vehicle and make the carpet look new again. If you want to refurbish, sell, or simply restore the carpet in your vehicle, consider having the carpets and upholstery dyed. Custom Carpet Cleaning provides professional carpet dyeing services for commercial, residential, as well as recreational vehicle carpets. Contact Custom Carpet Cleaning and schedule our services today.